Thursday, August 02, 2007

Staking and storage solved in one

I am very bad at staking things in time - every year my garden note book at this time of year says - STAKE!!!!!!!

So as usual, the first days of August have seen me trotting round clumps of plants with string and canes rather than having constructed something artfully tasteful out of hazel in April.

Looking for something to top the canes I suddenly thought of the small coloured glass vials I use for making wreaths and garlands - they fit perfectly on top of the canes and give the whole bed a celebratory feel. They will stop me jabbing my eyes when picking and it solves the problem of where I am going to store 240 small bottles to boot!


Gigibird said...

Only last night I was on the RK Alliston webby looking at their decorative glass stakes – but at £12.50 per bauble stake I only looked.
I took am a late ‘staker’ – down here by the sea we always have a problem with the prevailing winds and they reek havoc with anything tall.
I often put little ‘toms’ clay pots on top of my bamboo but they always fall off.
I have seen people use old tennis balls which actually look great.

the flour loft said...

genius...they look great... and the be surrounded by so much natural beauty and colour (evidence of all your hard work) must give you such pride and sense of achievment. Which flowers are your favourites Jane?
.. looking overcast here today in the south...camping could be a wash out!

Alison said...

What a great idea and they look pretty.
Alison x

Jane said...

I used t put fwer pts n tp but yu are right - they tend to blow off and break.
Ginny - my favurite garden flowers are different to my favourite cut flowers - I love really tall plants - thalictrum, stipa gigantea, - that glisten in the sun.