Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Ginny at the Flour Loft has nominated me for a Blogger reflections award which is very kind of her. Euan's comment was "Reflection or narcissism? Hmm?"
I can never manage to download images or buttons from the web so instead I put a photo of our eldest cats - Bix and Phoebe - drinking from the kitchen tap as there are "reflections" in it - how desperate is that?

The idea is that I now nominate blogs that make me reflect on life, that influence me in some way.

The problem is that I always nominate the same blogs - though I do spend time blog hopping, linking from one to another, there are very few blogs that I visit regularly.

What I value in a blog is honesty and a conversation - I like comments sections which elaborate on the topic. This is why I personally try to answer any comments on a posting, not by e-mail. I particularly like comments that debate, disagree and bring in a different angle. Some blogs seem to achieve this really well though, interestingly, they are not the sites which get the most people commenting.

Some blogs that I visit most days have already been nominated for the award - The ones that haven't are by Heather at Eieflud - a business blog which discusses perfume in a very interesting, emotive way and is honest about the frustrations of running a small business, Gigibird, where Lynne muses on life, ethics and how we live - she has a good small bunch of commenters who are prepared to be cheeky, and Love Honour and Disobey, a relatively new blog where Gina allows herself to be both grouchy and funny in public.

There are other blogs that also make me think, but too often I have just read a single posting and then hopped on somewhere else, unable to find my way back. This serendipity is partly what makes it all interesting.


Gigibird said...

Thank you Jane for your nomination. (Your first few photos weren't coming up on my screen....)
I shall go away and reflect for a while then post!

the flour loft said...

yes it all feels a little indulgent but narcistic? Al says aren't they a sweet little daffodilly type flower that comes up in the spring! Like you i love the debates and the blogs which are funny, honest or have something to say. We love gigibird and recently found Love, honour and Obey and gina sounds pretty cool esp laughed at her... 'blogs are gay anyway' comment.
ginny and Al

Heather said...

Yes - gigibird is right the photos aren't showing.

First time I've commented in ages because for some weird reason I have been prevented commenting on everybody's blog but my own - weird things happening with my computer that is for sure! But without knowing why - I'm now back!!

Thank you for the nomination - I'd best go away and be reflective now.