Monday, July 30, 2007

wedding photos

The sun shone, the flower arch stayed in place and everyone looked like they were having a wonderful time.

I really enjoyed arranging the flowers for this wedding - the venues were great, the caterers (Nairns) provided very classy table settings and were helpful and professional, and the families were open to suggestions.

That said - I now know why I only do one wedding a month, I don't tink I have ever worked as hard in my life.
These are a few photos of the flowers. Not brilliant shots I'm afraid but the photos are always the last thing to be done and tend to be taken in a rush.

First is a pew end bunch with sweet peas, apple mint and hetty's pin cushion.

Second is the pillars in Balfron High School draped in ivy with flowers in coloured glass bottles strung amongst them.

Thirds is the top table with glass cubes of flowers and glass vials wired along the front (I was very pleased with the way this worked - simple and pretty in the sunshine)

Forth is cones of petal confetti - purple sweet pea and delphinium petals and pink roses. This looked gorgeous as all the children took a cone and threw them over the bride and groom as they came out the church. Much much prettier than tissue paper.

Now I am away to do the much, much less fun job of clearing everything away.

I now get a lot of queries about eco-weddings from all over the country and am considering adding a bit to the website about how to do simple things to cut down the carbon footprint of wedding flowers. What do you think?


Gigibird said...

Love the real petal confetti, what a wonderful idea....

I think tips for brides to be on how to reduce their wedding carbon foodprint would be great.

carolyn said...

Jane everything looks exquisite you really helped make the bride and grooms day special.

Nonnie said...

Jane those flowers are just gorgeous. I love what you have done with the columns. So delicate and pretty, and the top table looks fantastic. I can appreciate how tiring it can be to do a Wedding as my Mum often used to do them before she became so busy with her BandB. I have memories of our garage being full of buckets and buckets of flowers and Mum having nightmares because it was too warm, or too cold!

Cherry Menlove said...

Yes, you must add a bit about eco weddings to your site. I have my wedding party coming up next July and I'd love to know more as already I am planning for it.

I adore the picture of you that you have on your blog, have I told you that already? You are so beautiful Jane!

Cherry xx

Alison said...

What stunning wedding flowers you must be so pleased.
An article/item on eco weddings would be really helpful to people.
I wish you was around 16 years ago:-)
Alison x

Joanna said...

You do the most lovely wedding flowers ever. I think eco friendly wedding flowers are such a good idea.

Jane said...

Thanks for your lovely comments - the family were all pleased as well which is the main thing.

I always find that the flowers that turn out best are the ones where I have a lot of freedom to interpret the style the bride wants, using the flowers that are best on the day, rather than trying to get specific varieties to bloom on time. But that takes a lot of trust and I am very lucky to have had a number of couples who left the details up to me.

I love the petal confetti too - it is just torn up petals - a useful job for bridesmaids to do in the morning I think, add in some lavender heads and they will be nice and calm for their big role!

Wild Rose said...

Oh Jane, it all looks beautiful. I think that the eco-wedding idea is great.

Marie x

Jules said...

Wow, how beautiful!

Fresh Floral Art said...

Love the photos. The pillars were beautiful and I really like the small glass vases. Simple and elegant. I also get a lot of requests concerning eco-chic weddings. I would love to see what you have to say about it.

dottycookie said...

Oh I wish you had been around to do the flowers for our wedding. These arrangements are absolutely stunning - I particularly like the wired vials of flowers on the table.

Just exquisite.

dottycookie said...

I meant to add - the confetti is a beautiful touch. For my sister's wedding I made confetti from a mixture of fresh rose petals, and a few dried petals from my own wedding bouquet. I liked it better than tissue paper too.

weirdbunny said...

Definately put more info on your site about eco weddings.

I bought some cheeries today in the greengrocers, they looked so delicious, just a handful to eat whilst walking through town. The embarresed shop assistant told me they came to £4.00 as they were flown in from America. She then offered to put them back, I said I'll take half the amount !

Heather said...

Jane - these look lovely absolutely lovely