Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A suprise amongst the thistles

I am not the world's greatest weeder - somehow it just all gets away from me and I am stuck at this time of year saying "just where did all those thistles come from?", "How can we have so much couch grass?", "What would actually exterminate creeping buttercup?"

The garden goes from looking artily meadowish to being a great lump of unstoppable weeds (oh the garden club visiting in a fortnight will not be impressed).

However one advantage is this - look a self sown orchid - it is only a common orchid, we have then down in the damp field, but it has sown itself in a patch of briza maxima grass and looks suitably exotic.

This evening I have ordered our pigs - two piglets arrive a week today so tomorrow we shall have to get the patch of ground ready for them - the idea is that they will clear the ground so that we can plant willows and dogwoods in the autumn. I am very fond of pigs but shall have to remember not to get too fond of these ones


alice c said...

A friend in Cornwall called one lamb 'Christmas' and the other 'Easter'. I hope this helps because pigs are very lovable.

PG said...

We have that orchid growing in the countryside round here, so pretty. Funnily enough, we were talking about pigs last night and whether one could bear to eat them...I watch your progress with interest!