Thursday, June 28, 2007

Schools out for summer - what summer?

Tomorrow school breaks up for the long summer vacation - this is a great benefit of living in Scotland, allowing speedy Scottish parents to take cheaper summer holidays before the English schools break up and it becomes high season prices.

I love the summer holidays - though this year we are not going away. I love the more relaxed pace, the children being able to just mooch and read and draw if they want to, without the pressure and rush of having to be at set places at particular times. I love the fact they don't have to dress up or wear uniform.

We have a relaxed house over the holidays as I still have to work so while I do that, they can do pretty much what they like (as long as it doesn't involve television or power tools).

Last summer was glorious, the sun shone all holiday and the children turned almost feral with sun kissed hair and ingrained dirt from days spent outside making dens and lying in the grass. This year - despite the promised hot summer - it does not look as good. Thank heavens we have not had the rain that has effected Yorkshire but today it is cold with a steady drizzle.

I think that I shall have to go and stock up on lots of glitter and glue.

I am helped as well by the fact that the girls spend 2 weeks each summer with my parents which allows me to compensate for the slower pace of life when they are here. Many other working parents are not as lucky - and it makes you see why mothers are desperate for jobs that have the school holidays off - I know nurses, dentists and pr people who are all working as classroom assistants simply because the holidays fit in with their lives.

The picture is of a box of flower posies destined for the lucky teachers at a local school.


the flour loft said...

I find that the only disadvantage of the summer holidays is that they are so long and laid back (always pyjamas till noon)that by the time my two rascals are due to go back to school they really are like something out of Lord of the Flies! I always feel sorry for their new teacher. I don't know whether it's a boy thing but it takes until autumn half term for them to settle back in to school - but your right summer holidays are the best. We usually go camping for a week to a fab organic farm in Dorset. Open fires, swimming in the sea, the dog running wild - and the kids too. Not sure about it this year if this weather keeps up. I'm not a fair weather camper but I don't want us to be washed or blown away. Thanks for you kind comments Jane - it's great to get a fresh perspective when you're working so close to things. Hampton Court - bring it on!!!
Love Al

Anonymous said...

i used to love end of school when my two sons where younger now both in there early twenties i dread there days of (only joking ) xx jep

Marie said...

I hope that the sun shines for you this summer. What lovely posies!

Marie x

Nonnie said...

Lucky teachers! I really hope the weather improves a bit otherwise you're going to need an awful lot of glitter and glue!

Samantha said...

I love the school holidays for those reasons too. The dirt (nearly) always comes off in the shower!

Ragged Roses said...

I feel exactly the same about the holidays. love that feeling of being relaxed with the children around and a slower pace. I'm one of those who are constantly looking for work that fits in with the kids school hours - it's not easy but I am fortunate that I am around when the kids are home.
Kim x

Anonymous said...