Thursday, June 07, 2007

An excuse for a play about - wip

At the week end I was asked whether I made rag dolls. I had a material rabbit with me on my stall at the Green Gallery opening that sold encouragingly fast, so I said that I would give it a go.

So this week has been a parade of prototypes - and my girls are now proud owners of a series of slightly wonky versions, rejected because their faces were too fat or because, as Katie said, "Mummy are her feet meant to be backwards?".

I think that I am now getting somewhere and the photo is of the latest prototype - there are some changes to make - everyone preferred an earlier version's hair and I need to work out a better solution for the clothes.

I want the finished doll to be quite old fashioned looking - like those early C19th wooden dolls with their painted on hair and secretive faces but I also want her to work as a dress up doll so that her clothes come off and she can have alternative wardrobes - perhaps a ballet tutu.

I also want her to have outsize hands so that she is easy to hold hands with (perhaps not quite as large as this prototype).

Her name will be Daisy - in homage to the Karine Polwart song that seems to be on constant play here. Perhaps she shall have red hair, perhaps I will work out how to make her dungarees. Perhaps I will stop faffing about and actually make a final version . . .


carolyn said...

She looks like the perfect companion.

the flour loft said...

You won't believe the amount of times our doll pattern has been "tweaked"! We always think that even if the doll turns out a bit quirky thats how she stays as that becomes her character. Well done you. Think Daisy is cute _ perhaps the hands are a little on the big side but hey maybe thats her character!
All the best Alice & Ginny

Jane said...

Thanks Carolyn - I think that she is getting there . . .

Alice and Ginny - I really like your dolls, and to be honest I was worried about making a doll when I had seen lovely dolls on other people's site - I don't want to copy things inadvertently. In the end I decided that as I had been asked specifically for a dress up doll that was different from your ones. I can't do elaborate clothes without the price becoming astronomical as they have to get on and off easily and not have lots of buttons etc.

I was also inspired by the idea in Sarah Lugg's book about weddings of having customised dolls to give as presents for bridesmaids. That sort of made sense to connect my textiles to my flowers.

The hands have to get smaller - a bit anyway - she looks like she has baseball gloves on!


Cait O'Connor said...

I love Daisy and red hair would be great as I love red hair. My mother in law used to make rag dolls many many years ago.

Samantha said...

She has a lovely face which is always important. Well done!

Alice C said...

My mother has a rag doll very similar to Daisy which was made by her mother. All granddaughters have played with her lovingly at a certain age - usually about four. She has the advantage that she cannot be broken and she carries on smiling whatever life brings. Her wardrobe is not extensive - certainly nothing so glamorous as a tutu - but she has a nightdress for bedtime and a cosy cardigan for when it is cold. She is not very big because when you are four you are not very big either. I suspect that she will still be there if my grandchildren go to visit one day.