Friday, June 08, 2007

Daisy doll - Mark 63

When the girls were younger we had a book of miscellaneous bedtime tales - my favourite was a one called Ruby. I can't remember the author but the story was about the adventures of some toys - led by the eponymous Ruby - who escaped from the reject bin at the toy factory and eventually found happiness by being adopted by a little girl.

They were obviously paying attention to their bedtime stories as the girls' bedrooms are now full of mutanty dolls - scooped from MY reject bin. Dolls with fat heads, dolls with thin heads, dolls with backwards shoes, dolls with felt hair (that did NOT work), dolls whose faces turned out to be really really scary.

I am amazed that I have actually persevered with this - I am not patient by nature - but here we have The Finished Daisy Doll.

Her body is made from vintage French linen and wool gingham with vintage ticking shoes; her titian locks are the jute string I use to bind my sweet peas; her reversible dress is a Liberty print with gingham as the alternative.

My idea with the dolls was to, as I have mentioned in the comments to my last post, make something that could be customised, either as a bridesmaid present or just a really nice present to a little girl. I could match hair colour and style (within reason), eye colour, perhaps even a favourite dress. I would love to have a go at making one as a copy of a bridesmaid's dress.

I do like this red headed girl though - very Scottish - I would have loved long wavy red hair.

She has been sitting in the shop today and has received lots of lovely complements (just look at her blushing) - I need to work out timings and costings before she can go on sale.


erin said...

Jane, we are in love with your new dolls! My daughter would love to have you make one for her when they are available. She wanted me to tell you she really liked them! Please let me know when you are ready for orders. Do you ship to the US? Thanks!~Erin

Gloria said...

Hi Jane,I agree the rag doll is lovely, reminds me of my friends daughter who has long wavy red hair. I would buy one just for her.

Faith said...

Daisy Doll is lovely. Well done indeed! My mother used to make lots of dolls for my girls. She made one that if you had it one way it was 'awake' and if you turned her over she was 'asleep'. Another time she made a really cute tiny one and used green gingham to make a dress and knickers so that she had the same uniform as my daughter. It was so popular with her friends that Mummy made a whole lot of them for me to sell at the school fete. Rag dolls are so personal, I think they are such a super gift.

Suffolkmum said...

Oh I love these dolls. I showed my daughter - she would LOVE one for her birthday which is in August, if you'll be up and running by then! If not, let me know as soon as. Ragdolls are great.

Liz said...

She is lovely, especially the wild hair.

Jane said...

I shall be making a batch of daisy dolls over the weekend or at the beginning of next week. The idea is that I can time how long it takes to make 3 and then divide it. I need it to be a time when I am not also supervising homework or printing off invoices so that I can get an accurate idea.

Anyone who is interested in these e-mail me on

Thank you for all your lovely comments.


carolyn said...

Just love this doll Jane she is lovely and judging from everyones comments she is a very popular doll indeed.

the flour loft said...

Jane, she really is georgeous! She's got to have a Scottish name though - I can just see her running through the heather!!! Wondered if I could pick your brains? Do you know of any uk suppliers of coloured hemp? I can find usual naturals, greens, red & black but nothing more unsual. Have found a site in US and one in Australia but both involve export duty etc. Just wondering as you're in the flower trade and all that!
Alice x