Saturday, June 09, 2007

poppies - free to a good home

I have decided to get rid of these pale pink Oriental poppies - I want to be able to sell the darker, dusky pink "Manhattan" in bud without worrying that they will turn out to be a different colour when they come out in the vase.

So these 3 plants are free to a good home (buyer must uplift) - they would look beautiful in a border with catmints, artemesias and roses - one plant has more picotee edges than the other.

I got the original plants from Sue Bell at Floreat Plants but have lost the label so I can't remember the name.

Drop me a line - if you fancy them - first come first served.

The weather today is fabulous - the first day that I have been able to garden in bare feet.


a pink-bee said...

oh, what lovely poppies, I would run to get them if it was a million miles from here :)

Jane said...

They are gorgeous aren't they - gorgeous and now gone!
Glad that they are going to a good home where they are appreciated and not seen as being "the poppies that aren't dark pink",


tlc illustration said...

I've tried to give some of my perennial poppies away - but apparently if there is ANY bit of root left, they will return!!

Just be warned... :-)

Jane said...

Thanks for the tip TLC - I am hoping that they will be easy to move as they have only been in the bed for a year - I shall be extra careful though - goodness I have enough perennial weeds without poppies joining their ranks!