Thursday, March 08, 2007

Planning the stand

Yesterday Euan went to see a cooper in Aidrie to pick up our barrels. I wanted to have really large planters on the stand with tripod frames and ivy growing up them.

Whisky barrels seemed to be the obvious solution - unfortunately while they would have all been delighted to provide them, none of the whisky distilleries round here had any in stock.

Fortunately the cooper in Airdrie did and he cut them up for us to order. They are fabulous - chunky, weathered, big enough to put planting in, it is a pity we can't show off their very scenic purple bottoms. We have left them outside to get rid of the smell - they are very alcoholic. My car smells like a wild party in Inverness.

I was paranoid doing deliveries this morning that people would think I had taken to morning tippling on my way to the shops.


Samantha said...

They are beautiful and I agree that it's a shame about the bottoms not being on show.

It's lucky you weren't randomly stopped by the police!

Heather said...

I would imagine that wood smells lovely - infact I would like to be able to have the smell of whiskied wood in a mans fragrance!

I have just looked all over your website and I really really think you should sort out the packaging for boxing up flowers for delivery all over the UK - we know its possible. Wigglies don't grow their own so you're up on them immediately and the photos you have are a charm. I'd have a bouquet.

I think your garden is your differentiator - so don't loose sight of that - the rest is supplementary even though its easier to ship.

I think the ethical wedding is a very nice angle - I know there are some people pushing that already, but its a nice touch.

You know, I know its too late now, but I think your logo should have been a stylised version of your van.

I like that the blog and website look like they belong to each other - this is really very very classy - I like it alot.

And thank you for linking us


Alice said...

I checked into Snapdragon before going out today - big mistake - I see fabulous pic of Hellebore. I find that my route mysteriously takes me past a garden centre. I find that I am drawn to the display of Hellebore and to my surprise there is one in the back of the car before I know what is happening. Please be more careful with your wonderful photos - there are weak and vulnerable people in Blogland.
If only you were closer as not even my weakness could justify a diversion to Scotland!

Jane said...

Heather - the problem with shipping flowers really is the packaging - WW do ship, as do other firms - but they rely a lot on bought in chrysanths and semi-dried flowers, all of which are naturally sturdier than most garden grown flowers. I try not to criticise competitors so I won't go there. It isn't the final product that I would want.

I keep trialling packaging but none is right yet. Flowers are very vulnerable in transit - even when I am delivering my subscription bunches I always have a bucket of spares to substitute for any that have got damaged on the way.

I do agree that the garden is the USP and everything has to be based around that - but it can't just be flowers as it is not possible to keep small scale and grow enough to make a proper business without having other products off the side.

Eventually - hopefully within the next 18 months - I will have a range of products tied in much more closely to the garden produce, e.g. I would like to work on products plant dies and handmade paper both of which can use parts of the plants which are discarded at the moment. I see this as a way of expanding the range while retaining the core point.

Funnily enough we did try the van as a logo - but it only worked if you already knew us, otherwise it didn't read as a flower company. However 2 out of 4 of my publicity cards have the van on them.

Anyway thanks for your lovely comments - we got a mention in a newspaper article on Sunday re-ethical weddings and already I have 3 bookings from it!

Alice - you never regret buying a hellebore - well I never have.

Heather said...

Actually I appreciate how messed up stuff can get after postage - I wrap up my stuff - make it look pretty and still it is crumpled up and not nearly as crisp or pretty when it actually arrives - first impressions count for everything, that was the very best thing about the real shop as against the virtual one.

Don't give up looking though because you're flowers are lovely


Tracy said...

Your stand will look wonderful with those barrels - what a great impact they will have as people arrive at the fair. The image of you in your car made me laugh out loud!!!
Have a great weekend
Tracy x