Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Sometimes new products emerge very easily - sometimes it takes a bit longer to get a design just right.

This is one of the latter.

About once a month I get a migraine - as migraines go it isn't that bad but I still need to go and lie down in the dark for an hour or two.

I bought a special headache eyepack to help but discovered that it was really badly designed, the light got in and there was none of that feeling of contact that helps headaches. It actually made my head feel worse than better.

So I decided to make one for myself - I wanted it to be heavy, completely light excluding, lightly scented and able to be cooled down. It also had to look good. So I made it out of fine wool gingham backed with a soft navy wool/cashmere mix. I filled it with a wheat/lavender mix for a calming effect and to give weight and allow it to be heated or cooled.

Then it occurred to me that as it is big (20 x 54cm), it could also become a general heat pad, long enough to go round the small of the back, flexible enough to strap round a leg, soft enough to snuggle into with monthly cramps.

So here it is - a super all-round-heating-cooling-headache soothing-snuggly wheatpack. All it needs now is a more catchy name.


Tracy said...

i love the name it has already!!!!
it certainly will be one item i will not forget in a hurry - it made me smile xx
Tracy x

Nonnie said...

I agree with Tracy, I love the name, even if it is a bit long. They look really great. Love the idea of something that can be soothing both heated and cooled. Can you heat them in a very low oven if you're in the dark ages like me and don't have a microwave?

Vintage to Victorian said...

I agree! Can't you stick with the current name? You'll just have to write a bit smaller on the label!!

Jane said...

Fiona, we don't have a microwave either - Sally had to do all the testing for me - you can heat them up on low in an electric oven or in the warming oven of an AGA.
I'm wondering about acquiring a microwave just to heat these and to dry flowers.
We had one once - it came free with the cooker, which always seemed an odd special offer to me, as though they didn't really have faith in the cooker. We only used it for defrosting milk though.