Monday, February 26, 2007

Mini gingham hearts

The motivating idea of Snapdragon the business is that customers should go away with more than they expected. At the van this usually means a few extra flowers to make up a bedside posy or some gardening advice, it might be the loan of a vase or some fresh herbs. It is what sets us apart from the supermarket and keeps out customers coming back.

I want this to continue when we move into mail order and am working on a number of small - low materials cost - things that can be added into parcels. This mini gingham heart is one of them - made from the scraps of wool gingham left when I am making the wheatbags with a backing of antique linen it is something that can be sewn up while watchbing television.

It is filled with our dried rosemary mixed with wheat scented with maychang a nice citrusy smell. I wanted something that wasn't lavender as many people hang these in their car instead of a magic tree. I don't want them lulled off to sleep.


Tricia said...

What about making the little hearts into key rings? Could be your little signature gift?

Jane said...

I had considered this Tricia ( great minds obviously think alike) - I have some trial ring loops winging their way to me at the moment - but in some ways I like the multi-purpose aspects of the hearts - the backs are white so you can write on them with laundry pens to label things - from keys to presents.

Nonnie said...

I really like the idea of sending a little something extra with your orders. I've sent little lavender bags with my first few orders as a thank you to my first customers but I've been debating whether it should be something I always do. As you say, it's those extra little touches that set you apart from the competition.

Jane said...

I always feel that people are actually investing a lot of trust in me when the order without knowing me and without having seen the products in real life - I feel that it important to reward that.
And I feel (does this make me Polyannaish) that unasked for generosity is the happy way to live a life.

carolyn said...

Oh Pollyanna the heart is so very sweet and such a nice gesture!

Tricia said...

Well which ever you choose you could also have a tag made with your web address on which might get people to your web site. That way if they use it as a gift tag it might generate more customers?

Primrose Hill said...

Hi Jane,
Have just finished a batch of these, they sold really well over Christmas, they are a really nice little "something" to have on the stall and to give to customers. As you say, they can be squeezed out of scraps, of which I have loads!
L x

Jane said...

I know Lisa - they are hardly original are they? - Caroline Zoob must get very irritated - but they are very sweet and very useful and we were obviously brought up not to waste any scraps.

Heather said...

I agree with this approach wholly - but it becomes apparent very soon that on the whole people actually expect it and so they aren't as appreciative of the gesture as you think they will be.

To that end - and on a purely business focus - cute yes, but keep in simple and keep it as inexpensive as possible.#