Thursday, March 01, 2007

New publicity

Today I went to deliver the artwork for my new business cards to the printer.

Last year I handed out a lot of cards at the Country Living show and I have been amazed at how many people have obviously kept them and got in touch many months later.

Having something visual seems to work for me as people stick it to their fridge because they like the photo.

As I am now going to be doing mail order - and as I have almost run out of my old cards - I thought that we needed a change. As the business does lots of different things I have gone for 4 different cards - one general, one weddings, one mail order and one with a map to show where we are. They can either be given out seperately or as a group with a punched hole and ribbon.

I'm also intending to have a blank postcard so that I can use it as a gift card/compliments slip.

It was a bit of a gulp signing the cheque but nothing ventured. . . . . . .

The nice people at Country Living are going to try and get some into the compimentary bags at the show for me - I missed the deadline for them being part of the London based packing (what a job!) but they can go at the front desk and be put in ad hoc.

I would stick them to my fridge. Graphic design as always by the talented Kate Watt.


Nonnie said...

Love that picture of the flower van. I think you're right that giving something visual out if always good. I regularly pick up cards when I'm at shows.

Heather said...

If they are nice ones - people are less likely to throw them away - I know I don't.

Its a must have item at fairs and yes gulp, it never fails to scare me just how expensive artwork and printing is!

Good Luck

weirdbunny said...

Is that your van that you sell your flowers out of? If so it's fantastic. That's also my favourite coulour green.

weirdbunny said...

It's a definate that the nicer your cards and packaging are, the more people want to buy your product.

Jane said...

The van is the best thing I have ever bought - we don't have it on the road at the moment - it is due an MOT and that and the road tax make it too expensive.
I used to take it to farmers markets but another stallholder copied the idea - getting a blue van to sell her cakes out of - and that rather took the shine off it somehow.

I now have the van parked on a deck made from old rafters. It is in the drive, at right angles to the Edwardian greenhouse Euan restored for me.

People come and buy flowers from it in season and we transport it to selected shows. It will be at the Country Living show in a few weeks and at Drymen show in May.

It has sort of become our mascot.

Charlotte said...

Love the artwork for your cards. The colours are gorgeous. Are these going to be your main colours for the business?

Jane said...

Yes I think they will be - alongwith an off pink - they are taken from a Designer's Guild wallpaper I like.
I'm struggling with the colours on the website as they change according to what the monitor is like.