Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Karine Polwart - in Balfron

A couple of weeks ago I was driving with the children, listening to Radio 2, and suddenly Zoe said "Oh I LOVE that song - can you find out who sang it?"
I had also been impressed - and keen to foster an interest in proper music - and checked the playlist when we got home (what did we do before the internet?). It was a song called Daisy by a wonderful singer called Karine Polwart.
We were too late to book tickets to see her in Celtic Connections but we ordered a CD and have been listening to it on a loop ever since.
Yesterday I went to the post office and there on the door was a poster for a Karine Polwart concert in BALFRON. I zoomed along to buy tickets at Balfron Library.
The concert is 10th March 7.30 and is part of a much bigger music programme with venues in Stirling and Killin. I'm so chuffed as I gather that Karine is pregnant and won't be touring much this year.
Even more exciting is that Karine is a blogger.
The photo is of me halfway through making a batch of button magnets.

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