Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Country Living news . . .

It is all confirmed now so I can go into details!
I actually feel a bit mean being excited as there is presumably some really sad reason for our good fortune. The people who were going to do the garden feature at the Country Living Scottish Fair have had to pull out and it has been offered to us.
We are going to move our stall from one of the aisles to a much larger area right in front of the main doors. There is room to take the van and also to put on a bit more of a show. It won't be a proper garden feature - you can't do a proper garden feature in 4 weeks and get everything else together for a stall as well, but I hope that it will look great and be a fitting entrance feature for the show.
I am really chuffed as it will allow us to show all the different sides of the business - I was worried that we would appear to be a business that sells just crafts when I feel that that is a small part of the whole. We were working on a large pinboard to show all the other sides of what we do - now we will be able to do it on a grander scale (Though as I like the pinboard idea we may do that as well)


Primrose Hill said...

Hi Jane,
Great news, very exciting, more exciting that my chat with them anyway! So the van will be there again this year, maybe it will become a feature of the show in years to come! Are you still planning on having potted bulbs at the fair? Can't believe that set-up is 4 weeks today, aaah!
L x

Vintage to Victorian said...

Congratulations. Every success at the Fair. Look forward to hearing all about it afterwards.

Jane said...

Thanks - we will take some potted bulbs but not as many as last year as they didn't sell that well. I think that they are too difficult to carry home.

Nonnie said...

That's fantastic news Jane. Good for you! I wish you were going to be the garden feature at the London Show too. I'd love to see what you do with the gorgeous van. Well I suppose you'll take lots of photos. Hope the show goes really well for you.

gillian said...

Jane, that's great news. Unfortuanately I'm too far away to be able to attend, as I'd love to have the opportunity to meet you. I hope to go along to the one in London.
You certainly will be busy over the next few weeks. However if you do have a few minutes could you please send me the details on the dahlia tubers
Many thanks. Gillian.

gillian said...

Jane, sorry the address should read

thanks. Gillian

Tracy said...

Sending you HUGE congratulations x
Wish i could be there to see it x
Tracy x