Friday, February 23, 2007

I didn't expect it to be so small. . .

That is usually my reaction to things that I buy by mail order. I know that measurements are always included and it is my fault but everything somehow seems a bit more skimpy in my house than it did in the photos.

I have been thinking about this today as it was one of my web sessions this afternoon and I spent it installing the paypall buttons on the site. Suddenly it looked real.

I haven't made the site live yet as there are doubtless typos and formats to be sorted out but technically I could run it via the web and buy things myself. (My life isn't quite dull enough for that yet - I love receiving parcels but posting them to myself might be going a bit far) Day for lift off will be March 5th.

I am - as the title of this entry suggests- rather worried about mail order. I am used to people handing the things they buy, personally choosing everything. I chat to them about what will suit them best.

Everyone who has bought from me via the web, having seen things on the blog and then e-mailed me, has given me lovely feedback. For which I am very grateful. I shall have to get used to selling without seeing the whites of the customers eyes.

The red and white handles in the photo are from some french style wire baskets that I have been painting. The baskets are a lovely shape and very useful for everything from vegetable collecting to loo roll storage, but the handles are a matt brown and make the whole thing look rather dull. I copied this red and white design from the swimsuit of a 1920s lady in a painting of Deauville. I've also done a more subtle duck egg blue version.


Gigibird said...

The handles look very good - you obviously have a steady hand! Had you perhaps considered leaving some of the handles au naturel? maybe a little bit cheaper than the painted ones?

carolyn said...

Well I loved the handle as soon as I saw the photograph and I'm sure to love the basket when I see it on your website. March 5th you say? I'll definetly be able to remember that as it was the date of my late Grandparent's wedding anniversary.
I'm sure you will love mail order once you get used to it, maybe you have "first day nerves" at the moment.
Best of luck anyway.

Heather said...

For some reason - customers are not as forgiving with mail order as you might think

I haven't got them yet but if you haven't thought of having them - I would recommend you at least start thinking about it - T&Cs.

Think long and hard about postage rates - and think about tracking. I haven't got it but wish I did

I end up resending out parcels gratis when someone emails me and says it hasn't arrived - its painful to have to send something out again.

Also the Amazon effect is painful for small business - Amazon seems to have shaped how people believe all online businesses should be.