Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Prototype bag

One thing that I would like to make this year is a shopping bag.
A couple of years ago I looked into getting jute bags printed with the Snapdragon logo - I had intended to sell them at cost at the farmers markets instead of using carrier bags. With one thing and another we stopped doing the markets and I didn't pursue the idea.
Now everyone seems to be producing these bags - Sainsburys, Tescos, Greenpeace, the RSPB - and, happily, people are using them instead of plastic.
I still like the idea of a bag though so before Christmas, when we did a couple of markets, Sally and I spent our time quizzing people about the jute bags, did they like them, how useful were they, was there anything they didn't like, anything that could be improved on? The thing that people felt could be improved on was their bulk - the jute bags can't be stuffed into another bag. So I began thinking about making a bag that folds into a pocket. There are a few of those about but they are all in thin material that tends to fold out into very saggy ugly bags which squash all the shopping together.

I spent last night making up bags in different materials, trying to get a compromise between stability and foldability. This is the result and I am pretty chuffed.

The bag is made of linen and canvas with a lining of a printed satin cotton and it all folds up into an integral pocket less than 20cm square.
I am going to make some up to take to the Country Living Scottish Fair to see how they go.


Joanna said...

I love bags and thats a lovely one. I was told once how to make little tote bags by someone who used to sell them in cornwall. Maybe I should make some big ones to take shopping. I have posted a picture inspired by all your lovely bulbs and pots. I had meant to link to you underneath it but I could not get the link to work not sure what I was doing wrong. I did lots of little line drawing of them too, think I might paint some little individual ones too becuase they are also lovley.

Jane said...

The picture looks lovely very cheery in this dismal weather- I have been looking through photos of the garden last year, just to convince myself that the mud does transform itself into flowers eventually!

Lilac Stripe said...

I think the bag looks lovely

Nonnie said...

Great idea. I'm always thinking a could do with a shopping bag that would fold up small enough to go in my handbag. I find it really frustrating if I do a bit of shopping on the way home from work and have to end up with yet more plastic bags. I hate them! It would be great if I always had a shopping bag on me. To be honest, I've kept meaning to make one for myself but you know how it is, you're so busy making the things for other people that you don't have time to make things for yourself!