Monday, January 08, 2007

Biting the bullet

It has continued to rain - this morning when I went out to the field my flower beds were still under water - the tulips were still snug in their paper bags in the ambulance.
I decided that I had to do something.
I dug up the two long beds in the tunnel - where we usually grow our early salad - and have crammed in some of the tulips bulbs.
1000 bulbs , 100 each of 10 varieties, are now planted.
I don't normally grow any of my flowers in the tunnel - it is really there for starting off and overwintering seedlings - I am a bit worried that mice might eat the bulbs or that there will be an aphid problem when they flower. Still there doesn't seem to be much of an option.
Very poor crop management!
Now I am off to sort out a list of products for the Country Living Fair - it is creeping up quickly and I have no stock left over from Christmas.


Nonnie said...

Sounds like a good plan for the tulips. Hope they survive. 1000 bulbs sounds like an awful lot of planting! I assume it's the Scottish CL that you're doing? I'll be going along to visit the London one. Already looking forward to it. I missed the Christmas one so it will be a real treat to get some CL inspiration in March. Hope you show us pics of what you make for the Scottish one.

Anonymous said...

hi Jane, thanks for stopping by! I was going to suggest Pimlico road also for your London visit. I have not been there but I have sold some things to a lady who owns a shop there and the shop sounded very unusual. I have heard there are some good ones there. I also wanted to add that I am a big fan of bellevue rendezvous too. I havent seen that as a fave of someones before, so I was surprised to see it. I also used to have a very randy rabbit too. He used to spray me every time I went into the garden! he was cute as a .....bunny!

Jane said...

Fiona - yep the Scottish CL in Glasgow in mid March. Ten weeks . . .no stock . . .HELP.
Tonight I have been working on a bag that folds up into a pocket but still looks like a proper bag when it is unfolded. The prototypes look promising. Why should eco be dull?
Kelly - I love Belville.Rendezvous - partly because of the H-van as we have an h-van. I saw something in November by the same animator about a starving policeman but can't remember the title now.

Anonymous said...

That rain sounds horrid. I'm glad you persevered. hopefully your tulips will be no worse for wear. I planted some of these Zinnia seeds from my employer last year, and the weather was not cooperating, but everything turned out okay in the end, plenty of blooms.