Thursday, January 04, 2007

Deer - again

Every year at about this time we get deer back in the garden - we never see them and I think that we must be on their regular January route. They always leave again by the end of February.
My suspicion is that they walk up the road and jump the gate rather than coming up from the woods.
Last night's dinner for them was the flat leafed parsley - they have nibbled the leaves off very delicately, leaving raggedy stalks. I didn't have time to sort it out properly so I have just plonked some cloches over the remnants in the hope that it will regrow.
This is my first photo with the new camera - as Euan said - "Did you not think to move the canes?". Or mow the grass? Or weed the parsley bed? At least most of the mud is blurry!

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carolyn said...

Oh my I would never get a photograph taken if I had to tidy first!