Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year .

Before Christmas was such a rush that we didn't get around to doing anything about decorating the house except for putting up a tree. This didn't really matter as we were away for Christmas anyway and, to be hones,t the family were all probably a bit fed up with the Christmas stuff that has been cluttering up the house since October.
We were the venue for New Years Day lunch - 14 friends and family for venison stew and mash followed by stripey jelly and icecream - so the girls and I decided that we needed some New Years decoration. They have been nagging at me to make a heart shaped door wreath - we finally got round to it and this was the result made with dogwood, rosemary and chilli peppers. We also made up some tea-light holders - a straight steal from Paula Pryke - glass cups covered with double sided sticky tape and rosemary.


Nonnie said...

The wreath is really lovely. And I love the sound of the venison stew and mash.
Happy New Year to you. I hope it is a very good one for you.

carolyn said...

And a very Happy New Year to you and yours.

Primrose Hill said...

Happy New Year Jane, to you and all the family. Hope you had a wonderful party, the food sounded fab!

Heather said...

You went and got links! Well done - I think we share a couple - although I probably got them via you anyway.

Happy New Year - and a prosperous business new year too


Jane said...

I have had a lurgy for the past couple of days - it was something I could do in bed!