Friday, January 05, 2007


Though we have all now thrown off the lurgy, I am still feeling a bit under the weather, so I decided to do one of those lovely indoor pottering jobs that get ignored when I am busy. All morning I have been cutting up magazines and pasting them into my scrap books.
My name is Jane and I am a magazine addict - the ones with pretty pictures, not the ones with celebrity gossip - and I justify the resulting heaps of paper by claiming that they are essential work tools. Which they are.
I cut out everything that I like the look of - pots of bulbs, beachcomber mobiles, swimming ponds, topiary, zinc topped tables, etc. - and paste them into my books as they come - there are no fancy sections, no captions.
Then when I am looking for ideas I can flick through my pics (some now 12 years old) and be inspired to create something new.


carolyn said...

I'm a magazine addict too and I also try to justify them as "work".
I've been intending to start these clipping/inspiration scrapbooks myself for ages now but never seem to get around to it. Yours looks beautiful.

Nonnie said...

Another magazine addict here too! Can't get enough of home and garden magazines. All my clippings are currently in about 7or 8 clear plastic Muji files but I've been wanting to swap them into pretty books instead. Seeing yours has given me the push to do it. I might just start this weekend.
Hope you're feeling better soon.

Jane said...

I'm now wondering whether a few pretty fabric covered cuttings books would be a good addition to my Country Living Scotland stall in March . . . .

carolyn said...

Yes Jane I think they probably would.