Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thinking about branding

One thing that I am taking time to do during these festivity clear days is to think about what I want "Snapdragon" to become. I am doing a lot of pacing about and looking at old photos.

It is clear that it is time to concentrate on evolving into a brand - to come up with something consistent, something recognisable, so that a website makes sense.

I have resisted this in the past as I associated branding with corporate banality - and feared that there would not be room for the kind of one off quirkiness that I enjoy doing.

Then I came across a blog which defined a "brand" as being a business that refuses to tell anyone else's story. Now that really feels right, it is personal not corporate. Perhaps it is just a case of working out exactly what that story is - or more importantly what it isn't.

The photo is of Petersham nursery - a place with a great brand and story.


Heather said...

A few weeks ago I went to a networking evening with a guest speaker who talked at length about marketing - he said that the small business was wasting time and effort and perhaps money on branding - but i disagree vehemently.

I think something that lodges itself into the grey matter - that can identify you easily - and 'is' you - the nub, the core - that is vital, gives you focus that you can marshall yourself around during wandering moments and actually is free advertising sometimes - so yes - go for it!

ps sorry sorry - haven't sent your cheque yet but will tomorrow I promise - and your things were WONDERFUL - I even kept a bundle for me because I thought I deserved them more than the person I intended them for!!!! and I kept the little heart too - its on my tree looking at me as I type!

You're very clever Jane - loved the colours,the scent, & the material was perfect and just the overall presentation was lovely - professional but still crafty.


Jane said...

Thank you for your lovely comments!
I feel that "branding" is probably very important for small businesses in particular those that produce things on a small scale as it can help to seperate their products from the village fete type of thing and thereby raise perceived value to a more sensible level.
There is no doubt that people feel different about buying a jar of jam with a proper label and lid than they do about the miscellany of strawberry jams at the brownies' jumble sale.
I think that I am having problems because I do a number of different things - though it may be definable as growing things in the summer, sewing things in the winter. And I want it to all be lighthearted and full of love!!!!