Wednesday, December 27, 2006

First time in the garden for weeks

I love this time between Christmas and New Year - there is time for all the socialising that I missed out on in December and, as the girls stay with my parents for a few days, it is a chance to get back out into the garden for great stretches of time.
This morning I have been clearing weeds from one of the raised beds so that I can get around to planting the tulips.
I was given a fantastic garden trolley for Christmas - 3 times the size of a wheelbarrow with sides that flop down and great chunky tyres. I have been filling it up with piles of goose grass and creeping buttercup and pulling it round to the chicken run where the hens set upon the pile in a frenzy . I think that they have been rather bored while I have been inside making Christmas wreaths.
Browsing the Country Living Magazine website I found that they have posted the article about us from 2005. I look a lot scruffier at the moment in my very muddy boots, patched leather jerkiny thing and thermal hat.

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