Monday, December 18, 2006

Taking a break

One of my favourite writers is Elliot Coleman whose book The New Organic Grower is obviously written after a lot of practical experience

There are, however, two pieces of his advice that I find very difficult to follow - the first is record keeping - I know that it is important, I know that it would make life and decisions much easier but, although I am great at starting at the seed sowing stage, I have always lost my record book by the time the plants have grown.

The second piece of advice is even harder for me - the need to take time away from work. This sounds easy but as soon as it gets hectic here I go into a horrible self-important mode, snapping that I don't have time to eat or have a bath or take a phonecall - can't people see that I am busy ???????.

Today I realised how right he is. I was delivering door rings to Helensburgh today and made time for lunch with a friend who lives near there - 2 hours just sitting and eating and chatting. What a tonic.

I feel much much calmer - I have come home and made a list of what needs to be done tonight and it all seems eminently possible. I might even fit in a bath.

The photo is of part of a mantlepiece garland.


Nonnie said...

You should definitely try to take some time out for yourself, even if it is just a half hour bath or some peaceful reading. But it is hard. I don't do it nearly enough until I get to the point where I've almost reached 'burnout'!

Primrose Hill said...

Hi Jane,
Glad to hear you're getting there, I know exactly how you feel! I did exactly the same yesterday, I took my sister with me while delivering wreaths, just having the company was nice. We were in Bridge of Allan so stopped for a sneaky coffee and cake in Clive Ramsays - it was so nice to just sit down for half an hour and chat rather than constantly thinking about what has to be done next! If I'm lucky I might be organised enough to have all deliveries done by Saturday so I might get Christmas Eve off!
Take care and make sure you plan for a nice long soak on Sunday night!
L x

carolyn said...

Yes a nice long soak is definetly in order, time out for yourself.