Sunday, December 17, 2006

A great team

Yesterday was one of those days where everything seemed to go wrong. It was the day when EVERYBODY wanted their door ring delivered and we had wedding bouquets and buttonholes to deliver to the youth hostel at Balloch. It was all things that had to be done at the last minute with a deadline.
To begin with the wedding bouquets just weren't going right - they refused to look like they were a part of the ivy frame, they somehow weren't at all like the prototype. We solved the problem by individually wiring all the flowers which gave the bouquets an airiness that had been lacking but this added a couple of hours onto our estimated time. Thank you to Sally for keeping calm and to Euan for supplying coffee and keeping the children out of the way.
Then we suddenly ran out of foliage. The pile of greenery still looked large but there was something wrong with all of it when examined closely - black marks on the ivy leaves, slug holes or general grot. It was 2.30, and there was about an hour of proper daylight left, so we took to the phones - Sally has a lot of good friends with established gardens, Euan collected our Chiristmas tree and a bootfull of very lovely fir trimmings from the Duffs in Buchlyvie and I found a neighbour with an overgrown garden wall who was happy to have it trimmed. By 4.00 we were back in business and I was so glad to have unflappable resourseful people working/living with me.
By midnight most people had their door rings and we had a car load of things to sell at Callander Farmers Market.
Thank you to the Halls, the Duffs, and Sally's many gardening friends.


carolyn said...

You must be exhausted! Wonderful the way everyone is willing to help what a nice community you live in.

Nonnie said...

Love the wreath with the chillis. Glad you managed to get everything done. I hope you're going to get a good rest over Christmas.

Jane said...

You are quite right Carolyn - we are very lucky.
My Mum was amazed that people will give me all the raw materials and then, likely as not, come and buy the finished items!