Thursday, December 21, 2006

On to the indoor stuff . . .the last leg!

All of the outdoor decorations have now been mae and we have now moved onto indoor decorations - table centres, garlands and mantle decorations - which need to be made up much nearer Christmas as they obviously have a shorter shelf-life.
This Christmas is unusual with Christmas Day being a Monday. Wheras I am working up until the 24th, most people finish work tomorrow and think of Christmas as beginning tomorrow lunchtime.
Therefore people are wondering where their indoor decorations are - forgetting that they are due to be delivered on the 22nd - and I am fending lots of phonecalls. The problem is that it is not really sensible to get fruit based decorations too early - people would not expect the apples in their fruitbowls to sit around looking lovely for weeks on end.
The table decoration above was delivered yesteray afternoon as a Christmas present - the red glass hurricane lamp will seperate the candle from the foliage and prevent it all going up in flames.


Nonnie said...

I love that table decoration. Very lovely. I must admit that I am lucky enough to finish work today at 5! Feel a bit guilty about that now I've read your post. Although I have worked until 4pm on Christmas Eve in my last job so I know what it feels like. I hope you get everything done in time without too many phone calls.

carolyn said...

Yes, a wholeweekend to get ready for the big day! You must be exhausted by the time it actually gets here, best of luck with those orders.

Jane said...

I wouldn't feel too sorry for me as I intend to take January very easy and have booked a romantic trip to London for 3 weeks time!
I don't really do a very precious Christmas thing myself and a big part of the celebrations is madly wrapping all the presents on Christas Eve. How DO organised people fill their time?
It was lovely delivering things to people this morning as they were all so pleased - almost as if it is the beginning of their celebrations.
I hope that you both have a lovely time.