Monday, December 04, 2006

Spring . . .

Just as it seemed bizarre to be thinking about Christmas in August, it now seems really peculiar that I have to make decisions about Spring now - right at the height of the Christmas wreath making.
Yet, if I am to have stock for the Country Living Fair in March, and particularly if I am to have "unique to Snapdragon" stock & not just "buy it all in at the last minute" stock, I need to make key decisions now.
So this afternoon, over a cup of coffee, Laura and I sat down to decide what I am going to commission for the CL Fair, how I am going to package it and what the whole "feel" will be.
It is very exciting - as there is lots of creativity stuff involved - and I now have a million and one ideas running round my head - which will hopefully settle over this week into something do-able but also something that no-one else is doing.
The flowers in the photograph are the ones I took to Drymen bank this morning - forced Narcissi Tete a tete - andthey look very springlike so perhaps that is what has put me in the mood.
Now I really MUST get back to putting moss on wreath rings.


carolyn said...

I adore Tete a Tete, spring really has come early at yours!

Nonnie said...

I must admit, I'm already planning for next year already and it's making me more excited than thinking of Christmas! I love the tete a tete. I'm always desparate to start buying Spring flowers the minute the Christmas decorations come down.

Jane said...

I am looking forward to Boxing Day which is when I shall be attempting to plant my tulip bulbs. It has just been far too wet here and now I am far too busy.
Spring bulbs have been very popular Christmas presents this year and I have now sold out of both paperwhite narcissi and tete a tete.

Joanna said...

I have just foumd your blog and its really lovely. You are the sort of florist I alwasy wanted to be. Hopefuly you won't mind if I but in a pot or two of your lovely bulbs into one of my garden paintings.

Jane said...

That would be fine - I really like it when artists paint my flowers.