Sunday, December 03, 2006

The last proper Christmas Fair

This weekend saw the last of the Christmas Fairs as such - I still have my open day and several farmers' markets - but the Green Gallery @ Home was a lovely way to end the Fair season. Everyone had beautiful stalls - above are photos of Primrose Hill Interiors and Luckycats soaps - and there were also lots of beautiful paintings on the walls and a great relaxed atmosphere. Becky Walker was a great host, Ailsa kept everything moving smoothly, and the days went really well. I am looking forward to future exhibitions - the present one runs until Christmas and is open a couple of days a week.

The hit of the Fair were Luckycats' enormous cube candles scented with lovely subtle fragrances - their snazzy blue boxes arrived just in time and they flew off the stall. Laura assures me that she is making up another batch this week - I am after a couple for my more discerning friends - she can be contacted on 01877-389-126.

I used the Fair to try out a new stall arrangement with a beautiful black and grey Roma material as my stall cloth instead of the usual rustic linen - it completely changed the feel and looked really voluptuous. It helped that it went well with the black mantlepiece in Becky's dining room. I am getting in some practice for deciding what to do with my stall at the Country Living Scottish Fair in the Spring.

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Primrose Hill said...

Really enjoyed the fair, hope everyone did well and Becky got her house back in one piece! Can't wait for the coach house to open up, it'll be stunning. Was so glad to get home last night, have really enjoyed just having a day mooching around the house with Gregg, the stove is nearly out!