Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Making those wreaths with Baldernock Garden club

The appalling camera shake on these photos makes it look as if we were running a speed wreath making competition.
In fact the evening was very jolly and relaxed - I showed everyone how I make a door-ring and then they had a go, with Sally and I helping anyone who got stuck. The results were very impressive and all quite different. I think that everyone was pleased with their creations.
I remembered half way through the evening that I have previously agreed to the club visiting us here in June - better get weeding.


Primrose Hill said...

Jane your garden looked fab the day I was there, even though it was wet and horrible.
Good luck with the opening of the greenhouse tomorrow - hope it all goes well.
L x

Jane said...

Now it is wet, brown and very dispiriting - but the greenhouse is nearly ready and I only have to make up a dozen wreaths and some door hangings and pot up some hyacinths and make a few garlands . . . .

Primrose Hill said...

sounds like you'll be busy tonight, it'll be worth it in the end!