Friday, December 22, 2006

Saving the best till last

This table arrangement of dogwood, haws , apples and paperwhite narcissi is the last proper arrangement that I am doing this year.
It is for a woman who has been a customer since I began the business. She is great to make things for as her brief is always very generalised - the brief for this was "red and white - swedish colours, no gold". Hopefully she will love it.
I now just have a few small things to make up for tomorrow's farmers market and then I shall spend the afternoon potting up all the bulbs that I have left and hopefully make a start on the last batch of ponty toed stockings.


Nonnie said...

It looks really beautiful. I'm sure she will love it. I hope the farmers market goes really well tomorrow.
A very happy Christmas to you. Have a lovely time.

carolyn said...

It is beautiful. Good luck at the farmers market I rather expect that you will be rushed off your feet. Then hopefully you can have a very merry Christmas.