Thursday, November 30, 2006

Pointy toed stockings

It is the Green Gallery @ Home Christmas Fair tomorrow and Saturday (10-4, Ballamenoch, Buchlyvie -01360 850 180) so I have been trying to get some last minute sewing done.
This year my pointy toed stockings sold out by mid November and I have been humming and hahing about doing another batch. There are a million and one things that I should be doing outside, but the weather is so horrible today that I have snuggled up inside with a hot drink and some lovely red Osbert & Little material and made up half a dozen stockings.
The tops and toes of this batch are trimmed with jolly red jingle bells.
Earlier in the season I had a number of (bought in) jingle bell garlands - they sold out very quickly and I was left with only the display one which I intended to keep for home. Then in that frenzy which is "packing up after a Fair", I scrumpled it up and this photo shows the result - it is completely matted together and requirs hours of teasing apart. As I will never get around to that - it isn't really something you can do in front of the tv as it jingles - I have cut it up for my VERY festive pointy toed stockings.
As you can see I have my "helper" - he is VERY keen on the bells.


carolyn said...

I bet he is. Good luck at the fair.

Jane said...

Thank you Carolyn - It was a lovely Fair (and continues tomorrow ) a very busy morning and lots of coffeee and nice cake.