Friday, December 15, 2006

Getting on with it. . . . .

I have more or less stopped taking orders for door wreaths ( there are always a few regular customers who sneak in after the deadline), so now it is really just a case of getting my head down and getting on with it.

Deliveries have gone out to Bridge of Allan, Glasgow and Killearn, Tomorrow will be Balfron and Croftamie and Monday, Helensburgh and Rhu. Then we will move onto the indoor decorations.
Some customers order an exact copy of last year's door ring, but most leave it up to me, with vague parameters such as "very fruity" or "soft and shaggy". I love this as it means that every door ring is different and I don't get bored.
Some of my favourites this year have hydrangeas in them - they go very well with the strings of cranberries and licheny wood.
Someone called me yesterday with the offer of a load of ready made holly wreaths - It would save me time they said - all I would have to do would be wire in ribbons and plastic flowers. I don't think that they got the point of what I do.
It is very soggy here - Drymen primary was closed yesterday and deliveries are having to be re-arranged to avoid flooded roads.


carolyn said...

The wreath pictured is a real beauty.

BRAVEART said...

I think that is one of the prettiest wreaths I have seen. Its gorgeous. You really do have an eye for style! Isn't the weather horrible! I'd probably prefer snow! Killin was kind of cut off yesterday as all major roads were shut. i panicked and stcked up on supplies. But thats not so anymore thank goodness. I know its bad near you as my sister works at Gartmore House. Hopefully the weather will get better.

Jane said...

Thank you for the nice comments - I shall be taking what wreaths I manage to make tonight to Callander farmers market tomorrow.
I am not sure how many customers will be there as I gather many roads are still flooded.
Back to the wiring!