Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Super soap arrives

Just look at this truly magnificent bar of soap - doesn't it look like a proper gardeners' soap?
Laura at Luckycats finished making my soap this week and I went to collect it this morning - I had said that I wanted great chunks of soap and that it what I have got. Each bar is about 280g with this fantastic rugged tread on the top.
The soap is everything that a gardener needs - there is fine pumice to get every last it of grime out, there is May Chang essential oil which has antiseptic properties to deal with any nicks and scratches, there is Calendula (from our own plants) to soothe and there is a lot of cocoa butter to moisturise. On top of that it smells wonderful and all the ingredients are registered organic apart from our calendula
It will have its first retail outing tomorrow at Duntreath Christmas Fair, (Duntreath Castle, Blanefield 10-4) where I shall be selling it in limited edition waterproof linen pouches for £6.95. you can see these at the far left of the stall above.


Primrose Hill said...

Hi Jane,

The soap Laura has made you looks fantastic, as you say, it looks like a real gardeners soap! I'm really looking forward to meeting her tomorrow, I'll no doubt spend all my takings on her lovely products. Your stall looks fab for tomorrow, hope it goes well. I'm either coming down with a grotty cold or I'm allergic to something I've been working with over the last day or so, I've done nothing but sneeze all day, hope I'm not like that tomorrow!
Good luck,

L x

Heather said...

This is a huge bar of soap and the price is very reasonable, espcially as its linen pouched.

How are you labelling? Because you will have to by law - if you have any issues about this side of things then drop me a line and I'll go through it with you.

The stall presentation looks great


Jane said...

Laura sorts the labelling so I don't have to! - this is one of the reasons that it is "LuckyCats for Snapdragon"
Thanks for the offer of help though.