Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Seasidey wreaths?

These photos make the large willow based wreaths that Sally and I have been making today somehow look as though they belong on some shingley beach - they are the largest dried wreaths that I have made - the base is a heavy willow ring about 5 inches deep and about 28 inches wide. I have added in gauzy cream ribbons, berries, dried hydrangea and lots of cones.
The size, the high quality of the base and the amount of cones etc mean that they are also the most expensive wreath I have made - they will come in at about £48.00 - which I admit does seem to me a lot for a Christmas decoration. Sally pointed out that they will last for years and can in fact be displayed all year round as they aren't exclusively Christmassy. I do know of one customer who has had one of my "Christmas" wreaths hanging in her kitchen for 4 years now.
Later I was reading through Homes and gardens and House and Garden magazines - their Christmas editions are now out - they feature beautiful large door wreaths by Paul Hawkins and Kenneth Turner - they are made in oasis rings and the blurb gives them a life of between 1 and 3 weeks if kept cool. The price - FROM £150.
I felt a lot better

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Heather said...

You're right Jane - they do look seasidey - and the hydrangeas look fabulous.

they look like they belong in a Laura Ashley catalogue - now theres a compliment - because I always like LAs scenery