Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Mulling spices

One of the lovely things about Christmas Fairs is that they tend to serve Mulled Wine - and I LOVE mulled wine. Even the warm spicy scent is enough to warm you up.

This year I set out to source some really good quality organic mulled wine spices - and this is the one that I have chosen. I am very pleased with it. Even in this photograph you can see that it is completely different from the jaded dusty "mulled wine bags" sold in the supermarkets. Like the generic blends this one has a base of cinnamon and cloves but the difference is that it also has bay, ginger, juniper, orange, rosehips and allspice. It is quite the best mixture I have seen and it is all certified organic so it is has been grown organically and has no chemical post harvest treatments.

I have packaged it up in generous bags (top piucture) that will mull a good few bottles of wine.

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carolyn said...

My husband has been turning his virtually undrinable elderberry wine into mulled wine and I have to say it is rather nice. Bring out the punch bowl!