Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Mystery plant

About this time last year I bought a large number of plants from Sue at Floreat Plants. She was clearing out and it gave me the chance to experiment with a wide range of plants, many of which I had not come across before.

Also at about this time last year Jasmine was a very puppyesque puppy with a "thing" about plastic and she pulled the labels out of most of the pots.

Plants that I have grown in the past I was able to identify by the foliage but some completely stumped me and I planted them together in a nursery bed to see what developed.

This is one of the plants that has grown- it has small daisy like flowers- very daisy like, white with the blush pink background of the common daisy, but the plant itself is about 4-5 feet tall. Well it would be that height if it hadn't collapsed - the nursery bed has no support at all as I didn't know what I had planted there.

I still don't know what it is but it is very lovely and fresh with a decent vase life.

It is also late flowering and one of the things that I am working on at the moment is trying to extend the flower season for next year.

If anyone knows off hand what it is I'd be grateful as it will save me time looking through the plant dictionaries.

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