Thursday, October 05, 2006

Going bespoke

This morning I went to LuckyCats soap makers to play about with ideas for a bespoke gardener's soap that is being made for me.
LuckyCats is a one woman operation run by Laura Capnerhurst from her home near Port of Menteith in Stirlingshire.
I met Laura a couple of years ago when she lived in Drymen and was just beginning her soap making buisness. From the beginning I was impressed with her dedication to proper soap making (not melt and pour) and her insistance on using only certified organic materials. This is reflected in the soaps, which are beautifully scented, a delight to use, and very long lasting. The business is now growing well with a range of shampoos, liquid soaps and candles now being produced.
The making of the gardener's soap started earlier this year with the harvesting of calendula flowers from my garden - these were dried and then infused in oil which will go into the soap. There will also be a very fine pumice to root out stubborn dirt and May Chang essential oil to make it smell wonderful.
I have been using a prototype bar here for the past 6 weeks and it has been fantastic for keeping my hands soil free without drying them out - and unlike many gardener's soaps that I have used in the past, the bar itself hasn't gone mushy and grey. It is that most unusual of products - something that actually works better than you expected.
Laura will also make bespoke soaps and candles for weddings, guesthouses or hotels - a remarkably cost effective way of adding something unique to your big day or bathroom. She can be contacted on 01877 389 126.


Heather said...

Ooh competition!

There really is no substitute for a really well made soap. Good luck


Primrose Hill said...

Shall have to but some this christmas from you, good soap that doesn't go all mushy is hard to come by these days!