Monday, October 02, 2006

Last year's Amaryllis bulbs

Now is the time to have a look at last year's Amaryllis bulbs. They should have been watered inside or outside to allow the leaves to develop over the summer. If you have been ignoring them for the past wee while- all to the good.
If you find the bulbs are dried out in their pots - brilliant - this has simulated a dry season and will have stopped growth - now all you have to do is cut off the leaves, check that the bulb is still firm under the layers of papery bits and repot in new compost. Water, put it somewhere warm and light and let it grow.
If you find that the bulbs are still growing in their pots - brilliant - now is the time to move them under cover and stop watering to simulate a dry period. You want the pot to dry out and ideally you want the leaves to shrivel but if they refuse to after a month or so, just cut them off level with the bulb. At that point check the bulb is firm, repot in new compost. Water, put it somewhere warm and let it grow.
I really neglected my bulbs, they have been dry for at least three months, some were on their sides, some in the garage - but ALL have good strong bulbs with roots beginning to grow and the tips of the flower shoots visible. I think that it must have been the quality of the bulbs. I potted them up over the weekend -they shall have to go in the tunnel as I don't have room anywhere else - so I shall run my own "trial" (very Gardener's World!) to see how hardy they are. Last year I had an Amaryllis on my doorstep where the temperatures went down to -3 and it was fine, however it was completely destroyed by a light drizzly rain so obviously it is no good as an outdoor plant in Scotland (surprise surprise).
The photo is of some Appleblossom Amaryllis from earlier in the year.


UKBob said...

I found an Amaryllis growing under a conifer in the village last Sring, I showed it to the woman who's conifer it was and she said she threw it out there when it last finished flowering. When she saw it growing again she soon whisked away. I keep meaning to ask her what happened to it.

Jane said...

I think Amaryllis, like many plants, are a lot sturdier than their pre-publicity suggests.
I often find that the more I fuss over something, the more likely it is to die.

Primrose Hill said...

The amaryllis in your photo are fab, have you been selling them this year too - or are you planning to sell them potted up?

Jane said...

I will be selling the bulbs from November onwards - they tend to be something people get for Christmas presents so I have ordered them in a second batch of bulbs. I will have potted up ones from the beginning of December.
Last year's bulbs - there are about 30 of them in a mix of colours - will be cut flowers I think as I would not be able to guarantee 3-4 stems from each as I would with a new bulb.
Amaryllis flower naturally in April - so the later that you plant them the easier it is to get a good result - the ones in the photo were from a party last March.