Friday, October 06, 2006

What flavour of chicken is this.

Minou on top of the chicken run.

I promised to post some up to date photographs of the baby chick. It is now 2 and a bit months old and that must be the awkward adolescent stage as it is fairly ugly - but what variety is it? Or is it just going to be a vigorous mongrel? Well you can tell what an experienced hen keeper I am. I had been worried about Minou pestering it as he is a terrible mouser but Peblo is such a great mother - pecking away at anything that comes within 5 feet of her baby - that he doesn't stand a chance.


Primrose Hill said...

Ooh, wonder what breed it is, it's very light in colour, do you think it's a hen or a cockrel? Another nice addition to the hens though? Our 2 marans have gone broody again! Not quite sure what all that is about but I'm definitely too busy to be faffing around with chicks at this time of year!!

Jane said...

I haven't a clue - last time we had more chicks and the males were all darker than the females (or vice versa) but with just one I think it will be only when it starts crowing (or fails to) that I will know the gender.