Thursday, September 14, 2006

Party cats

On Tuesday when I was helping the Brownies with their flower arrangements I was told by Aimee of that Zoe's party had been really "cool" and that reminded me that I had meant to post photos and a bit about how great I had found it as a parent.
Zoe's birthday is during the summer holidays when lots of people are away so, rather than having a party with everyone from her class, she tends to have a lively mix of ages and I have always found it a challenge to make sure that everyone is included.
This year we got Laura from Party Cats to do the activity part of the party and it was fantastic. Ages ranged from 4 - 11 and she had them felting covers for soap, making bath bombs and rolling beeswax candles - all of them were able to join in and make things, chosing their own mix of scents and flower petals to make their bath bombs unique. All the products were neatly packed into boxes and put into party bags so that all I had to do was provide the sausages and sandwiches and cut up the cake.
The best thing was that the children were so absorbed in what they were doing that they were really calm and quiet which meant that the adults stayed headache free!
It is Katie's birthday party in a couple of weeks so Laura is coming back to take charge of that - as she has many themes available there is not the problem that you get with many children's party people where they provide a specific thing - magic or disco or clay modelling - and you can really only use them once as you don't want to have the same party over again. Laura is also really good at ensuring that children within the same group of friends all have different parties so that they don't get a surfiet of bathbombs.
At Katie's party where all the children will be 5-6 they are going to make animal finger puppets and listen to animal stories. I can't wait.
Laura can be contacted on 01877 389 126 or

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Heather said...

That is such a cool idea - I have always really not enjoyed the 'party years' - eldest two are beyond it thankfully, but number 3 will be there for sure in a couple of years time!!

Its all the screaming and sweaty, sticky fingers -yak.

this sounds wholly more civilised