Wednesday, September 13, 2006

scented leaf success

I have one regular subscription customer to whom I deliver flowers ready arranged in a vase. She has limited mobility and uses a wheelchair to get about so her house is kept on the warm side and, as she has active children, the vase is placed high on the windowsill in the sunshine. If flowers survive well in her house they will survive anywhere.
This is a photo of the vase that I delivered last week - and I must admit it was a bit of a gamble - I had some long stems of scented leaf geraniums and I thought that they would be lovely to have in the house, the sunshine bringing out the scent of the leaves. I had never used it as a cut flower before so I seared the end in boiling water, crossed my fingers and gave it a go.
Well it is fantastic -the whole vase was still looking good when I went to deliver this week's flowers this morning and I could smell the slightly lemony/herby scent of the leaves when I went into the house. I still have a few pots of the geranium left over at the van and I think that I shall try putting them in the tunnel and see whether they will overwinter and grow large enough to use regularly.

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