Sunday, September 17, 2006

Brownies bunches

It was great fun at Drymen Brownies last Tuesday evening - they all put together beautiful posies for parents and teachers - this photo shows the flowers all wrapped up and waiting to go home.


Heather said...

Next year I am determined to look more thoughfully at what I plant because I like the idea of making up natural bunches for the house - I have always refrained from it because like a lot of people I think, I believed the flowers wouldn't last.

These look very pretty - and what a great hobby to introduce to little girls


Jane said...

Tonight is the Grand Brownie Produce Show - where Brownies compete with "Flowers in a Mug" and Animals made from vegetables. Many many Brownie mothers will have spent last night carving carrots into giraffes.
Most wild looking flowers are actually great in the vase - if it has a soft or hollow stem it is worth carefully searing the ends in just boiled water.
One of the prettiest flowers in a vase, though not one I grow in my field yet,is bindweed. I keep meaning to pick a vase of bindweed and white willowherb to confound people who dismiss wild flowers as weeds.