Saturday, September 02, 2006

Go on - treat yourself

Most of the flowers that I sell at the van on Fridays are bought as gifts - to take to a dinner party or to say thank you. Very few people are buying for their own houses.
This is what I would like to change - I would love more people to buy flowers as an everyday treat for themselves. I'm not talking about large bunches or great expense, just a little something to bring the outside into their home.
One of the problems is that people tend to have large vases - vases bought to put gift bunches in - and filling these every week would be expensive. What is needed is small vases give the effect of a larger arrangement.
I am a great fan of those 1930s ring vases made of pressed glass. This one is an opaque matt glass and I have filled it with fennel and marigold flowers - the flowers would cost less than £1 from my van.
The only downside is that as the ring is quite shallow you have to remember to top it up every couple of days - though this will also have the effect of keeping the water clean and the flowers will last longer.

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