Monday, September 04, 2006

The glass is in . . . only 63 miscellaneous jobs to go.

The glass is now all in the greenhouse - Euan finished the last panes at the weekend in time for us to have a celebratory meal (Zoe and Katie's special chicken pie) inside it.
I am very excited - it looks even better than I had thought it would - I had worried that the new glass might not look right and that the slight warps would make it too difficult to get the glass in anyway. Euan is worried that there is still a lot to do (painting the putty, putting up the copper gutters, panelling the interior and doing something about the floor) but I am already showing an alarming tendency to move my bouquet making out of the kitchen and into the greenhouse.
Fantastic - today is our 13th wedding anniversary - I made a lucky choice.

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Takoma Gardener said...

Hello from GArden Rant and thanks for the comment! I've been wondering where the hell are all the UK gardenbloggers and finally one has arrived. So welcome to my little bit of cyberspace. I hope to meet more of you. Susan