Friday, September 01, 2006

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On Fridays I need to keep vaguely clean so that I can serve any customers who turn up and I tend to spend any spare time on the computer doing invoices, making lists etc.
But then again there is a point when I slide into doing things which are not exactly work, but slightly connected so that I don't feel that I am slacking too much. It is a good job that I don't work in an office or I suspect that I would waste all my time buying enamel jugs on ebay and feeding my amazon addiction problem.
So for past half hour or so I have been browsing through blogs - with cut flowers as a search - usually this just turns up mentions of being given flowers or cutting food on a flower patterned chopping board. Today however I found a really great blog by Amy Stewart - she has written a book about earthworms (now on order with Amazon - see what I mean) and has just finished one on the cut flower industry so her blog has masses on gardening, cut flowers, chickens and worms - almost a precise match for my interests as I would list them in Whos Who. It also has a lot of links which I will follow up when I have time.
The blog is at

The dahlia is Cherokee - nice and hardy, fantastic colour, not many flowers at a time.

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