Sunday, September 17, 2006

The bulbs are here

This is my absolute favourite time of year - the spring bulbs have arrived and are sitting on a pallet in my drive.
The majority of the boxes are full of tulips - 25 varieties in total - but there are crocus, fritillaries, iris and hyacinths in there as well.
This year I have bought extra bulbs of my favourites so that I can offer them for sale.
These are
Rococo - pictured - an early parrot tulip which is short enough to go in pots and has a scent;
Blue parrot - in reality more purple than blue but good and strong, long lasting in the garden and very weather resistant;
Mount Tacoma - a white double peony flowered tulip, very full, great for vases & pots.
Green wave - a wonderful vigorous parrot in pink and green;
Spring Green - an elegant green and cream viridiflora which is the most perennial tulip I have grown, if you want them to come back year after year this is the one to grow - it was also the one used by Gardener's World last year to track spring;
Queen of the Night - glossy almost black single tulip;
Gavota - elegant pointed tulip is a deep rusty burgundy with a yellow edge:
White triumphator - a white lily tulip which lasts for ages in the garden - it looks wonderful mixed with queen of the night for a black and white border.
Ballerina - an orange lily tulip with a strong scent of freesias.
I buy nice large bulbs - all at least size 12 - rather than the smaller size 10/11s that you get in most garden centres. This gives a larger flower and - more importantly in the Scottish wind and rain - a stronger stem.
I shall have these bulbs at the van this Friday, then at the Scottish Garden Scheme's lecture in Stirling on 26th, and at Rona Cholerton's fair on 29th.
Or give me a call - 01360 660 903. Prices vary depending on the variety - from 18p - 35p a bulb. There are pictures of most of these elsewhere on the blog or at Sarah Raven's Cutting Garden

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