Thursday, May 11, 2006

Computer blew up

Last week's storms didn't damage any of our flowers but they did blow up the computer.
This is why there have been no posts for the last week and why there are no photographs on this one.
We have been very busy though and we are still open.
This is the big week for tulips - the hot weather has brought them on very fast - we have gorgeuos black tulips - the single "Queen of the Night" and the double "Hero" and a number of parrot tulips - white and green "Greenwave"; pink and green "Greenland" and possibly a few of the scented "Rococo".
We sold out of sweet pea plants, dahlia tubers and tulip planters.
On Saturday we shall not be open at the house but will be at Drymen Primary School Fun Day - 11- 1.00.

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