Thursday, May 04, 2006

Whats new this week

The tulips are finally beginning to bloom properly now - most of the early tulips are very straightforward - simple, elegant shapes with great colours. Negrita (above left) is a deep almost chalky textured purple - the colour of blackcurrant fool, pink impression is a clear bright blue pink. Both live a long time in the vase and, as I am now pulling all my bulbs rather than cutting them, they have long long stems. One unusual early tulip is the multi-headed red georgette a lipstick red with between 2 and five heads per stem. It only takes a few stems to fill a vase.
Hyacinths are also at their peak - my favourite is woodstock (above right) a deep saturated purple which looks fantastic either on its own or mixed with bright pink. We are still very short of foliage to mix with the bulbs - the cold weather has tended to mangle it. I am going to plant a lot of early euphorbias so hopefully by next year there should be some great lime greens to mix with the reds, purples and blues.

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