Thursday, November 24, 2005

Brain turned to cabbage

The last frantic week trying to make up stock, get some press coverage, and worrying about the weather for Sunday's Fair (will it rain? will it snow? will anyone come?) has turned my brain to cabbage and I APOLOGISE to all the people who got a letter with the wrong web address for this log. As if that wasn't bad enough, I managed to give some people 3 different wrong addresses. Sorry. I need some sleep.
This evening I am packing up 'make a fairy' kits (they actually make 2 fairies) with dolly pegs, ribbon, raffia, feathers, beads, pipecleaners and glue. Learning from the web address fiasco, I now have my daughters acting as quality control to ensure that each kit is complete.
I took a decorated candlestick over to the Panik Gallery in Killearn - their Christmas exhibition opens tomorrow night with a private view from 6 - 9. The exhibition wasn't fully up when I called in, but it is obviously going to be a lovely show with vibrant spiky cacti by Christine McArthur and some fabulous beaded bags.

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