Friday, November 25, 2005

Decorated candlestick

These are an example of a decorated candlestick in oranges and golds with variegated holly, physalis, hops and kumquats. The arrangement is formed on an oasis foam ring which fits onto a ridge at the top of the candlestick . It can be also done in red/green or purple/green.
The candlesticks are clear blown glass - very elegant with a hollow core so their colour could be changed by filling them with coloured water. They come in 2 sizes - Large at 2 feet tall (£20.00) and small at 16" (£18.00). As you are left with a very beautiful candlestick, I think that a pair of these would make a lovely present. The tall ones would look great on a dining table as the arrangement would be tall enough to let diners see each other. A similar arrangement can be done to fit around a pillar candle on the table (£16.00). Pillar candles can be supplied from £2.50 for cream; £4.00 for coloured to £9.00 for 100% beeswax.

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