Saturday, June 02, 2007

Scotland's Garden Show

Today I met a friend at Scotland's Garden Show at Ingilston. She has suggested that we do a show garden there next year and we were there to see exactly what was involved and decide whether it would be a good idea.

To be honest I was really disappointed - there were hardly any show gardens and most were quite derivative with plants stuffed in so that they looked like a garden centre shopping trolley after a colour co-ordinated shopping spree.

I was rather glum and hot footed it over to the floral hall where the nurseries exhibit. And there - lo and behold - was the innovation, high quality construction and beautiful planting that was missing in the outdoor show gardens. Unfortunately the lighting isn't great within the hall and I didn't have my big flash so the photos are really bad but this garden was by far my favourite. It is part of the Binny Plants Stall and is a co-operative venture with the Biggar based garden design and construction company Landmarkers ( and the metal artist Andrea Geile.

Binny Plants is one of my favourite nurseries - they grow their plants well and hard, they don't feed them junk to puff them up for shows and as a result they transplant well into the rigours of a Scottish garden. Their paeonies are second to none for the Scottish garden.

The garden was a gently tiered construction of rusted steel and drystoned slate with a sheet of vertical water at the back and beautiful, effective, natural, zippy and eminently copyable planting throughout. The colours were dark reds, purples and whites like many of the stalls - why fight against nature? - but had a vibrant streak of bright orange which sparked the whole composition up.

Many of the plants that I coveted - like this Troillus x cultorum "Cheddar" had already sold out but I have them written down in my notebook for next year.

This garden made my day. I'm just sorry that the photos are so bad.


Pondside said...

The show sounds worth seeing - nothing like that here, except for the Seattle show in February and that is more geared to selling garden gear and decorative items.
I tried the trick with the poppies yesterday and they are starting to open this morning. They're the big orange Icelandic ones.

Gigibird said...

We will forgive you the photographs - which aren't that bad!
Stella and I had a similar disappointing experience at a Stitches Show – rather than find inspiration and gorgeous notions it was all card making ephemera and beads……
In a way it isn’t surprising that type of show was a disappointment – you can hardly say what you are doing is mainstream – not that you would want to I’m sure; I find it quite soul destroying sometimes not being able to source the simplest of things because they are not universally used I can’t get what I want….

Suffolkmum said...

Those plants are lovely; shame the outdoor stuff was a bit disappointing. Have been catching up this morning - love the greenhouse!